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Aligned with nature

Vineyard Rows and Winemaker Derek Rohlffs

At Outlier, our wines are different by design.

At Outlier, our wines are different by design. Every aspect of our approach—from the vineyards to your glass—is thoughtful and intentional. We’re inspired by nature and are committed to being proactive stewards of the environment.

That’s why we do things organically, using innovative regenerative dry-farming practices, natural pest management, and minimal intervention during fermentation. Even our approach to packaging is sustainably-minded.

Recycled Paper > Saves trees
Lightweight Glass > Saves gas
No Capsule > Saves precious metals
DIAM Corks > Saves bees

We want our wines to be a true reflection of the beautiful vineyards from which they come while protecting and restoring the ecosystem. We are proud to be blazing new trails in winemaking.

At Outlier, sustainability is in our DNA—it’s not just what we do, but it’s who we are. In our vineyards and in our winery, we make intentional choices every day to advance organic agriculture and sustainable practices result in high quality wines that reflect—and protect—pure nature.