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Where will it take you?

Forest path with filtered sunlight

Outlier takes you to places you've never been before.

Outlier takes you to places you’ve never been before. It’s a celebration of nature in every glass. So, take a detour and experience Pinot Noir in an exciting new way. With bright minerality, fresh fruit flavors and low alcohol levels, this food-friendly wine is versatile and expressive—perfect for your next dining adventure.

Outlier Pinot Noir bottle on table with two filled wineglasses and table settings with window view in background

Food Pairing

Meat / Lamb, duck, salmon, pork ribs, roast chicken, charcuterie
Cheese / Gruyère, creamy goat cheese, brie, manchego
Fruit & Veggies / Mushrooms, beets, truffles, carmelized brussels sprouts
Herbs & Spices / Thyme, dill, shallots, leeks, Dijon mustard, hoisin, black pepper, cardamom