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Pinot Noir

Outlier Pinot Noir bottle on pine boughs in forest

Going rogue never tasted so good.

Extraordinary things happen when you get off the beaten path. You’re free to blaze new trails and boldly follow your dreams into the unknown. Nobody ever changed the world by following the crowd. You only do so by embracing change.

This trailblazing spirit guides everything we do at Outlier. Because we believe wine is made in the vineyard, we deliberately seek out unique, outlying vineyards where the grapes develop a character all their own. We let the wines be the wines they were always meant to be—authentic, true, and infused with the spirit of adventure.

Certified organic grapes. Certified sustainable wine. Eco-conscious packaging.

“Outlier is the wine road less traveled
and I look forward to taking this journey with you.“

Derek Rohlff's Signature

–Derek Rohlffs

Outlier. Trailblazing Pinot Noir.